Monday, 14 May 2012

'To the last bullet' is starting to come together now. I've done some more work on it and got the layout pretty much sorted now. Take a look... I think I know where I'm going with this now.

I've also done a bit more with the Berlin sniper too.

It's just a pity that work keeps getting in the way....
All comments etc, are welcome..

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

OK, it's that time again... Update time!
I wasn't satisfied with how the works in progress were going, so it was time to strip 'em down & start again!
Firstly, 'Brothers in arms'. I wasn't satisfied with the parka on the guy with the bandaged head, so he's getting a hooded smock instead. I've managed to sculpt the lower half so far and gotten his right hand into position. It'll be holding the wounded guys belt.

I always find that I start with a basic idea and it evolves as it goes along. No idea how this will end up, so keep watching!
Next, 'To the last bullet'. This has undergone major surgery!
First, I tilted the head back slightly on the shooter. I think this gives a more desperate look. This involved resculpting the collar area. I thought I'd give him the Knights Cross as well. He'll deserve it after this!

The wounded guy just didn't look right holding his chest. I thought it would give a more dramatic effect if he was gripping the shooters hand.

Only problem here is that the entire front of him had to be stripped and now needs resculpting! Oh well....

I've finally managed to make a start on the figure for the Sniper campaign over on HF.
Visualise a Berlin defender 1945 armed with a Stg44 & 'Vampir' IR scope...

He's using the knife to peel back curtains from a window. I might still change this one yet. Definitely  evolving as it goes.
I'm just glad I've got until December to get this one finished!